Our Tesimonials

At Animation Crib, we believe that inside every impossible is a possible trying to get out.
We are a team of creative thinkers and problem solvers dedicated to expanding the limits of what is possible by helping brands achieve their goals.

I was short of ideas about where to start for my 3D animation video for my mortgage company. They listened to me and developed excellent Animation with sound effects that got their message across fast without me having any input whatsoever. You can count on them for anything from voiceovers/audio editing through all phases of marketing your company properly via videos such as these; they're amazing!

Kelly Irmen

Head of Marketing

When we asked them to do motion graphics for our website, we were blown away by the quality and creativity of Animation Crib. It was like a godsend for us because they delivered me top-notch graphics on a strict deadline, for which I am grateful to their team. It's clear how much care went into making sure every detail was taken care of when creating our final product, so thank you guys again :)

Penelope Hodson


I got what I asked for in a timely way. I can't say enough about how creative, smart or responsive they are. If you're looking for someone who'll go above and beyond your expectations, then Animation Crib should be at the top of the list when considering who can help get things done quickly while still being easy on deadlines.

Alfred H

Technology Head

Corrections can be caught and corrected within the same session, making vocal matching for pickups less of an issue. As both a narrator and a producer, I love it!

Becky W

Sales Manager

When I started working on my animation video, the content was just a guess for compelling. After reaching out to them, I found several ideas to help me with the animation content. It felt like someone who knows what they are doing and deeply cares for our company goals.

Amanda Allen

Regional Manager Operations

My friend recommended them for the whiteboard and logo animations, and their website caught my eye. Their services were in my budget, so I gave them a shot, which turned out great! They are very creative people who have an initiative that drives your message fast when you want them to. Plus, they're always available 24/7, anytime day or night - perfect service if there ever existed one.

Bill Treusch

Business Manager

I really enjoyed working with Animation Crib. They have a great team of authors and are very cooperative, responsive and professional. I was very overwhelmed with the whole team and their diligent. I absolutely recommend their facility to any novelist or publisher who wants high-quality content.

Joe C Monico

Business Professional

I was looking for unique fonts for my storytelling book and animations. After visiting their website and asking them for a sample, I realized I had found what I was looking for. Thanks to the Animation Crib team for stylizing my fonts that perfectly fit the illustrations I am working on.

Amy Duffy


I have drafted the storyboard of my video and I wanted it to be more engaging for my client. After searching, I stumbled on their website and asked for improvement. They took my vague ideas and transformed them into something amazing! Since then, I have asked for their service many times. it's like their skills lined up perfectly with what I wanted in every way possible.

Phyllis W Levine

Chief Marketing Officer

Animation Crib has been wonderful in editing my book. They are very creative and very pleased with the quality of the service delivered in a quick timely manner and very accommodating of reviews and changes. Thank you, would sincerely recommend your services to anyone that needs any copy writing

Sam Ziller

Marketing Manager

Great work by the team! They are always open to suggestions and if there is any issues they respond quickly and solve any problems you may encounter. I personally never needed them to change anything because the writing was top notch and informative. I will be using this team again in the future.

avid Zaw H

Creative Director

Animation Crib Team is reliable, trustworthy and superbly talented. I would heartily recommend there services to anyone in need of there skills. I particularly like there client experience where they makes you aware of the solutions available before diving in. They are also very organised, which really helps me.

Danny Cud

Brand Owner